My Prayer

Dear Lord, I am feeble but you are strong
As I awake each morning, I am uncertain,
What the day holds but I trust you —–
To guide my every step and lighten my path
That this day bring you glory and give me peace
To share abroad your light in my heart
And to give hope where there’s none. Amen

My Date with Proverbs

Date-Lecture 2 of 1 | My Date With Proverbs

1:7 – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Knowledge. “Why am I writing this too? Isn’t that already in the bible?”, I thought and kept my mouth shut. I kept writing and tried to listen too.       To fear the Lord means to delight in his word, obeying his word and reverencing… Continue reading Date-Lecture 2 of 1 | My Date With Proverbs