Born in West Africa from two tribes. She began writing at the age of eight. Her works then featured inspiration for children and children stories. She advanced in writing at the age of fourteen into poetry. Her works were seen across religious groups in Western Africa. She progressed on with poetry and relocated to England where she wrote more advanced poetry relating to her life in Christ. She is a career woman from the field of Information Technology (with focus in Cyber Security) and is passionate about God and everything around IT. She shares her life experiences and Christian faith in form of Poetry. She published her first book of poetry in September 2012 as a Kindle version and in November, the iBook version was on sale. She currently moved countries to pursue further education in Canada. Writing is said to be her deepest passion aside her love for Christ and it has expanded to everything around her. She has been seen across the United Kingdom, sharing her works of Faith in Poetry speeches. Her name, Emerald is how she sees herself in the Hands of God – a precious stone, God’s very own child, loved by God, created and crafted, has been through the processing, polishing and classification in God’s way.

InSpirited is a passion God put in her to help young growing Christian women like her. She calls it Pearls InSpirited because of how she sees herself in God coupled with the assignment God has given her. She has a previously published blog on poetry but decided to pursue this call. She is currently working on a book titled F.A.R, which she hopes to make available freely on her blog.

Growing gradually in His love, learning to be that “woman” who relies solely on His unflinching love and amazing grace, I walk by Faith. I am not that perfect in Faith, but as I grow this baby in me, I become that mature Christian and that Godly woman through His grace. My walk with the Lord has faced challenges and those times have been a blessed learning curve for me. Most importantly, I am challenged by the Mother of Lemuel whose name we really don’t mention but to me is my mentor and influencer, though she be long gone, her words taught to her son now teaches me and helps me grow.

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