How much we’ve changed

I had an amazing time in fellowship last week with members of my church congregation. We laughed, prayed, talked and worshiped. However, amidst the conversations came a lot of yearning for more of the Spirit of God. Questions have been asked, so many wondering what’s happening and where we’ve missed it.

I take stock of my life, wondering if I too I’ve missed it somewhere, you know that calling God has called you to and you aren’t really doing it right. Maybe you’ve been waiting but complaining in the process, or you are getting frustrated and you’ve gone a step without God?

Like I’ve been asking me: “where is the revival?”. Why is Azusa street or the welsh revival only then and not now? Where is the stirring of the Holy Ghost? Has God left us?

I do not know about you, but I do know I want a revival that will shake the world. The kind that will be talked about for centuries. The kind of revival that will turn hearts sacrificed to idols over to God. What are we doing to prepare our hearts for this great revival? (it will happen soon)


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