A friend shared this song (Satisfied by The Walls Group) with me and it spoke volumes!

After reading through the lyrics, I began asking me: Am I Satisfied with Christ? Is He enough for me?

You’ll be amazed that all this while you thought you loved Christ wholeheartedly but it has been for the things he does for you not for the sake of his love (dying on the cross) for you.

It made it very sober that I’ve not faithfully loved God. I’ve loved him like I’d love a boyfriend or fiance or a husband but it shouldn’t be the same way! God’s love for us is endless and unconditional, why should our love for him be conditional?

Here, I ask a question to you: If Heaven was out of the question, will you still love God? It’s deep I know but it is essential for us to evaluate why we follow Christ, why we choose to love and serve him. If it is selfish, then we haven’t exhibited 1 Cor. 13 love yet. “If Christ be in us we are a new creature, old things are passed away behold all things have become new“, this means, if Christ is in us, we become like Christ! If we are like Christ, then we will love him regardless of the situation of our life.

Let us all evaluate our walk with Christ, and return to him then we’ll see that His word: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other thing shall be added unto you” will come to pass in our lives. We don’t need to struggle for anything or worry at all if we are 100% Satisfied with Christ!


2 thoughts on “Satisfied?

  1. While reading this, I was stirred up in my spirit to ask myself some hard questions.

    1. Are you satisfied with Christ? Is he your everything?
    2. In the morning when you rise, what is the first thing you do? Do you reach for your phone or for the bible?
    3. What do you sacrifice most for?
    4. What do you get most passionate about? In what do you delight most in?
    5. What makes you the happiest and brings you joy?
    6. Where do you run in times of distress, anger, sadness, anxiety or fear? Who do you turn to for comfort?
    7. What could you not live without?
    8. What do you fear the most?
    9. Whose approval are you seeking? Who are you scared of disappointing?
    10. If God did not bless you financially, would you still serve him?
    11. If you serving Jesus made you the laughing stock amongst your family and friends, would you still serve him?
    12. If your church family are not supportive, will you still serve Jesus in holiness without compromise?

    Lovest thou me, more than these?


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