Why do we go to Church?

I’ve asked myself this question beginning this year when I realised that my mind always wandered while I sat in church during a service.
To some people, especially those from a sect like mine, they will be livid to hear this statement.

However, I had to be true to me!

Why do I really go to Church? Why do I serve God? Why am I a Christian?

As a Christian, if you cannot answer these questions, then you may need to evaluate your faith.

Not that it’s a bad thing to do, it draws you closer in your walk with Yahweh.

I did realise in the later course of last year that I only attended the group I attended out of sentiments. I wasn’t spiritually filled and neither did my attendance help my relationship with Yahweh but it made me upset most of the time because I was appalled at the circumstances that took place.

When I began feeling this way, I talked to people about it to get their insight.

I talked to others more than I prayed about it.

Did I get answers? Of course! Not the right answers obviously, but it was time, to step up my spiritual radar and began focusing on the important matter which is my relationship with God.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are getting fed spiritually where you are, you may not like it but the Holy Spirit wants you there!
Pray about it, don’t be a Church prostitute (excuse my phrase), be sure God has asked you to leave and you must have another church where he wants to use you.

I’m always an advocate of “attend a congregation where your calling is required and where others will impact your spiritual life”. We all have a goal which is heaven, however, don’t be selfish with your Salvation by not speaking to people about Christ!

Yeshuah!! (Yahweh Saves) will save them from their sins. Be a Christ-vocate where you have been planted.

More topics coming your way, please share your experience or thoughts. God bless you!


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