Listening and Waiting

Like you know, I’ve been studying Discerning the voice of God by Priscilla Shirer. It has taken me so long to get to the sixth week amidst learning French, and other activities like Church and work.

One of my studies this week of Discerning the voice of God, made me take a step back to analyse my life. Take a look at Habakkuk 1 and 2. There’s something interesting there.

I realised that as a Christian, there are three P’s to waiting on and listening to God.

1. Position – there is a right and wrong way to speak, my father always told me that and I see that’s true with God. What’s the position of your heart when you go to God? I know mine, I’m always complaining and telling him how things aren’t working!
Wrong!!!!!! We are to go to God in worship! See Habakkuk 1 the later verses and you’ll see a total change of attitude in Habakkuk.

2. Be proactive – How do you tell God you want something once but never hears about it again from you? I do that! I am quick to give up on prayer. Never ever give up! Keep believing and working towards it like you already have it.

3. Patience!
Who is impatient like me? I am so impatient. Keep praying! You may have noticed that being proactive and patient go hand in hand. It is something called Perseverance. We must be consistent and persist when dealing with God

I hope this blessed you as much as it did me. Have a fulfilled week!


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