I read the story of Tonier Cain-Muldrow who’d been saved from drug addiction, homelessness, prostitution, and mental illness. She was arrested 83 times, had 66 convictions and was into drugs for 19 years.
I read her story and a tear almost slipped down my eyes (I was at work so I had to control my emotions). Her story reminds me to not stop praying for my unbelieving family members and friends, to continue to show God’s love to those in need and render help when I feel the kick in my spirit.

I shared this to encourage anyone praying and believing that God will turn things around for that one person you’ve been praying for. Keep believing and don’t stop praying, it will not be late for that person in your prayers.

You may follow Mrs Muldrow on Facebook. Her page is public, and all you require is her name [Tonier Cain-Muldrow].


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