The past few weeks

Have you had one of those weeks when you just wanted it to end and hoped the next would be better?
I had lots of those weeks because I had this lady at work I couldn’t deal with. Every time she came to talk to me and tell me how I didn’t do my job, I cringed and felt like shouting! She talked a lot and listened none. I would say to her “give me 2 seconds to speak without saying a word“, it would be a miracle if I got 1 second.
I prayed about the situation because managers got involved on a number of occasions and all I could do was pray. I was very unhappy.

At the time, I was learning a lot in ‘God’s school of discipline’.

When this situation was ongoing, I would go to God to complain about my colleague.

One day, God told me, “you need to see me in this situation“. I had my mouth agape but couldn’t dare complain. I began praying for myself and my attitude towards this lady.

LOVE was and is key!

but most importantly, God taught me patience!

From then on, I learnt to deal with her patiently. Did the problem go away immediately? Not really. It took another week, and she did something that was out of line, the managers had to speak with her about it. This was God’s way of fixing it for me because I learnt from this situation about God’s character and what is expected of me.

I hope this blesses you. I know it’s a little long, I tried to keep it brief 🙂


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