ISFJ-A About Me

Today I got to know something about myself! I’ve always thought I was extroverted and only realised today, after taking the Myers Briggs assessment, that I am introverted. This is the second time that I’ve taken this test. Initially, I thought it was hoax, now I believe it’s true because this test seemed to have more practical questions.

So yeah, the I and J are very correct! I judge situations a lot in my mind. People say I speak a lot but I honestly don’t “speak”. I speak of random things, a few hints about myself which are true but “nothing” about me really.

This year, I learnt to stop wearing my heart on my sleeves! It got me pretty sad most of the time because I expected people to treat me the way I treated them.

I am Altruistic! That’s so true!! I was speaking with a friend few weeks ago and we both share same personality trait of returning kindness to people who have been kind to us. I don’t know when to stop returning kindness; this act has gotten me really sad and disappointed too! People expect that kindness all the time because they get used to it and when I expect them to reach out, they don’t! They only reach out to me when they need me to do something for them (that’s very depressing). So this year 2018, I cut people off (not very Christianly, I know) but even Christ doesn’t force himself on others who do not invite him. So if you are one of those “friends” and I haven’t made an effort this year to call or text; know that this is the new me. I am taking control of my relationships with people. I love you but I’m sorry I won’t force myself on you, I don’t have to talk to you if you don’t wish for me to. I don’t need to text you if I’ve been the only one doing it all this while.

Above all, you still mean a lot to me, the only difference is, I won’t tell you. I always pray for you just so you know and yes! I pray for all my friends (they are a lot I call friend).

HERE’s my result of the Myers Briggs Assessment: https://www.16personalities.com/profiles/5914a94d1fd51


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