World Cry, watch out!

Innocent little you
Your faith in family
You smiled and joked
Yet family failed you

Your cry, heaven heard
The day your innocence swapped
Life became viewed as is
When all you did was love

Dear little one, the world cries
Though the cries are of rage
I cry for the world, the decay
The world screams Justice!

Watch out!! The bible says
I’ll watch out for you
My knees bent before Him
Your cries sent to Heaven

Your healing, like the sun
Your deliverance coming soon
Your oppressor soon detained
Your life got back!

The world cries for you
You cry, your creator hears
I cry, for humanity, for you
Prayers going up for you

Poem dedicated to the baby girl raped in India. The decay in this world is beyond appalling and depressing, it should be unheard of. My prayers go out to this baby girl, may God heal her and heal her heart. And for her Uncle, I pray he finds true Salvation and repentance.





2 thoughts on “World Cry, watch out!

  1. Amen! The Uncle needs genuine salvation as well as seeking out professional help alongside appropriate jail time!!

    Beautiful poem.


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