Don’t let the enemy steal your joy

There are days I wake up and I am gloomy I begin reflecting on my life, what has worked and what hasn’t.

I am reminded of retrogression while forgetting my problems. I am reminded of the few-but-may-sound-many kind of failures while forgetting my countless success. I am reminded for my earthly struggle while ignoring what is most important “seeking first the Kingdom of God”.

In the midst of my numerous thoughts of how “God failed me” which is a huge lie, I tend to almost sulk while forgetting the ULTIMATE GOD. At this time my bible in sight but so unwilling to pick it up, the moment my fingers touch its smooth burgundy leather, something works my fingers and wills them to turn those pages.

Then like a lightening flash, I am reminded of God’s LOVE, GRACE, MERCY, UNMERITED FAVOUR, PROTECTION, PROVISION and COMPLETE GUIDANCE.

He begins to speak to me in those soft words that make the day better and I’m elated and elevated to his pinions of love..

HE asked “do you trust me?

It is simple yet deep. I have wielded myself to stay connected to that voice, pushing through, praying through and leaning on him – my comfort and strength!

No longer will the enemy steal my joy


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