Few days in Toronto

The few days I began settling in at Toronto were amazing. Since I left London, UK (I’ll tell you about this difference later) I’ve felt welcome in my spirit in Canada.

Life in Montreal
For the most part of 2015 I was in Montréal (I still can’t speak French fluently, pardon s.v.p. Je parle moyen francaise, je comprend moyen aussi), I didn’t like the city at all. A lot of Canadians/Canadien seem to think it’s the heart of fun, not if you are like me who is quite an introvert when it comes to the ‘night life’.
I was upset for most of my time here, you may ask me why I left the U.K. but that’s a discussion for another day.

Now in Toronto
Praise the Lord!! I moved here and boy, was I glad!! Toronto is majorly English (well, it is English) and I feel people here are more accepting. Québecois (as they are called – those from Québec province where Montréal is) behave like the French and well, I’m not light-looking.

Friends in Toronto
I got in touch with friends have known for some time, who live in Toronto and only few I hung out with. One of the ladies stood out, she’s only 21 but it’s amazing how much I’ve learnt from her. She’s a student at the UoT and very brilliant I must add. A member of my church here and we both started a bible study in the city! God is faithful, every week we learn so much from each other based on a chapter in Romans which we are currently studying. I am glad I made this move, because I feel God has so much for me here to do.

About London and London
When I tell people where I lived prior to Canada, I have to say London, England or U.K. because there is a London in Ontario province (in Canada) and it is nowhere as nice as London, U.K.
Someone told me that London U.K. isn’t that beautiful, I’m like “it depends on where you visited” and they tell me the heart of London, near Harrods!! That’s Knightsbridge mate! The posh and one of the richest part! where did you visit? Are you sure you visited London at all?

That’s it for today… God bless you!


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