The Gong sounded and…

It was so unexpected
We were all busy
We never knew it
It came in a rush
And then it was silent

Like rain on our roofs
We hadn’t seen the clouds
It was dark and heavy
Life seemed normal,
But it was an illusion

And then it sounded —
The drumming in our ears
I could still see its waves
It left its footprints
It keeps ringing —-

As it sounded, then life-
It was over so quickly —
All we could do was stare
Space seemed great at the time
How did it happen? we wondered

Like that, in a second
We all faced reality
The reality we hate to admit
Somewhat made us see beyond
Now today is important

When the gong sounds
And time’s no more, then
Your reality sinks in
And everyone sees the creator
For him, he knew Him


19th May 2016

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