Within my power

Pictures, pictures, how they speak!
Powerfully placed, your hair stands
Elegance speaks, my heart beats
For a second my world transformed

From this point is all my eyes see
Not in my power, though I try
Creativity!!! is all I hear, it screams
Am I made differently? I wonder

Words are all I know, really know
With words I can be transformed
I hope my words do transform
From an amateur to a pro, I hope

I will appreciate Him above
For this gift of words not all can
However creative, English does it!
I can seem to go with the flow

I am taken into a world of books
Yet I can return and relate with you
I am not caught off guard in pictures
I am always seen with my pen & paper

These I know for it is within my power
It reaches out to me in deep measure
It gives hope to those like me
I wish nothing but THIS within me


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