Web fun or fame?

Scanning through the spaces
Heart lurches and jerks,
Letters are typed so fast
ASDF;LKJ is in fast pace
The words come together or not
Push, pop, push, push
Updates popping, new post screaming

Sitting back watching the current,
Talents no longer done for fun
Fame breezes through the internet
Likes and dislikes, passion or not
The buttons go clicking,
More and more the human mind wanders

Could there be a reaon this exist?
The web-drama getting so intense
Followers and likes, readers and what not
The fun of the web lost somewhere
All thanks to say: facebook?
Then came all the tumblrs, pinterests and instagrams

It grows and grows, it gets worse
Ads making money, people getting eager
Soon the fun of the web is lost
In the chaos of web-fame
Will it get worse or better?


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