Short stories

She was just a girl

She was just a girl,
Struggling to be like every other girl
Pushed beneath a weight like a loaded gun,
The bullets couldn’t wait to pelt down her
She couldn’t get her head above water
For it came down like the baggage of a ship over her head

Bent beneath the load of books
She made the daily walk in miles
Under the heat like the gates of hell were open
Pouring out of her water mixed with salt
Yet it yielded nothing but strips on her
Only when she stood out, did she feel like a girl
She wanted to be just a girl

Daddy rarely smiled only when she was with pages
She would stand on the podium, an eye skimming through
Just to see Daddy,his face with no emotion
Back straight and smiling eyes when she saw Daddy’s arching lines
He may have seemed like a million bucks after all that effort

She was called Grace but she didn’t know who she was
Soon she walked away from her name because she didn’t see how it helped
Then came the nuptials and at this time, her name had changed
Those around her drowning under this ship of perfection

She did not dare change her new name
She feared Daddy will return to give her another name
She feared she would be seen as incapable
She feared the hand life extended to her when called Grace
For all she ever wanted was to be a girl


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