An apology: From last year and now

Yes, yes its been long
Last year was up and down
My pillow wet with my tears
I didn’t know the way forward

Apologies faithful reader,
You’ve been a friend
I’ve prayed for you
While I was down even

I started this as a story
But my poetic mind is gory
So here, share in this glory
That Christ truly is my Saviour

Through months of uncertainty
A year after crossing the pacific
Right here in a world unknown
My days, very dainty

However, I rise in my praise
A new year brought sunshine
Never thought it would be
For I am a product of His grace

So pardon me when I’m outdated
For here is my notepad,
I cannot write without you to read
Keep visiting as soon as I’m updated

I’ll keep you in my prayers,
For your love of reads, likes and shares
Helps wipe some drops away
I can’t wait to share the detail
This will do for now


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