Lessons from Esther | Esther 5-8

  • She knew how to get to the throne of God with fasting
  • She knew the miracles of prayer
  • She didn’t look at her present state as Queen but remained steadfast
  • She was readily available to be used by God
  • She had an Uncle who understood God’s timing and when to use it. And she recognised this trait in him
  • She knew love, she loved her people. She was not only a proverbs 31 woman but also a 1 Corinthians 13 woman
  • Esther had gone boldly before God’s throne of Grace for three days. That’s the reason she obtained favour as she stood before the King’s throne.

the heart of the King is in the Lord’s hands

God’s grace had gone before her and stood before her such that the King was willing to part with half of his Kingdom, just for her!

She was a very wise queen because she sought godly counsel from God himself prior to that meeting
She didn’t let her emotions get the best of her, but she gave herself to the guidance of the Holy Spirit
She put godly wisdom to good use again. When it was time to make her request known, she didn’t start complaining but with wisdom and love, she made her request known.
She was careful not to mention Haman’s name initially till the King asked.
Esther at this point was fully aware of God’s intervention and her people’s continued prayer and fasting.

She knew the God she served

For I know the thoughts I have for you.. Thoughts of good and not of evil…

She knew God will overthrow the enemy and cause him to fall were they (Israelis) were meant to fall.
Hadassah as her real name implies, is compassionate and it obviously showed in her lifestyle. Haman took that opportunity to use her godly personality to beg for his life though it turned out against him.


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