Lessons from Esther – Esther 1-4

    • She was obedient to her uncle
    • It was recorded that she was humble
    • She pursued after the purpose, not destroying it with her tongue, but keeping it to herself as advised by her Uncle, till the purpose became fulfilled.
    • She was full of grace and favour because of her obedience and humility
  • She sought wise counsel and did not lean on her own understanding (Es. 2:15)
  • She was a dutiful wife though a slave. She could have decided to keep the plan of killing the king to herself, thinking it’s God’s judgement on him for enslaving her people.
  • She was a true Christian with the fear of God in her heart
  • Esther met God’s expectation for a godly woman; submissive yet graceful and strong

More of my study on this book coming up next week, please check back.x


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