Alliance Healthcare used as SCAM

If you are not careful, you may lose $350. I was almost a victim today while I went to my favourite freelancer job site to get me an easy job, only to be told to have an interview chat over yahoo messenger (who uses that these days?). Anyway, I was all for the money, with $22 an hour, that’s some spare cash. This company claiming to be Alliance Healthcare and in need of on-line assistance with accounting database told me they’d train me online and would provide me all I need but I need to pay $350 which will be reimbursed. I knew right there that that was dodgy. They said they have a vendor who’d provide me with the software and who I had to pay but the macbook is coming from same vendor and has been paid by the company, so why do I need to pay the money afterall and why is it through moneygram? It all seemed dodgy, then something clicked, they said Alliance healthcare is in the UK and the US only but they are also in Canada and didn’t mention, so I asked again. After that, I called them a fraud, then they went offline. BE WARNED!!! Please pass this on


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