My Date with Proverbs

Date Lecture 3 of 1 | My Date with Proverbs

Copyright:  / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo

1:15 – Do nothing with sinners who want to lure me to sin. I cannot make partnership with sinners or work with them in their evil deeds. I owe them love and prayer Rom. 13:8. I cannot follow them in their covetous ways because I have been bought with a price 1 Cor. 6:20. I have to refrain from their ways to keep God’s word in my heart. Staying away will not only keep me focused with God but it will deliver me from quick death v. 16.

  • Buzz: Be Simple, Fear the Lord, Run from Evil

1:20Wisdom cries can also mean that the Lord Jesus cries for people like me to come to him and be totally renewed. John 7:37 – I thirst, so I must go to Jesus to drink of the living water that in the end I’ll thirst no more.

1:23 – Christ is calling me to change my ways after listening to his reproof. He is pleading as well to an undeserved me. He is asking me to change from my ways of pride, disrespect and stubbornness to a changed me, filled with his Spirit Joel 2:28


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