My Date with Proverbs

My Date With Proverbs – The Genesis 2

Please read previous post if you have not read The Genesis 1

I made a decision to get back on track and I tried writing poems Proverbs taught me. Without Proverbs’ input to my poems I lacked substance, so I made an effort to get Proverbs back. I did it! and now four years later I am back to finding my companion.

I lost Proverbs to my pride and arrogance. I portrayed an act against what Proverbs preached. I was too big-headed to go back and I was more miserable than ever. I hurt him again! I couldn’t stand the look in his eyes (please don’t judge me, I am only human but my relationship with Proverbs got even better). I cried and prayed night and day to get Proverbs back. This time he came back to me and asked me out on a date.

Copyright:  / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo

A date with Proverbs?” Now, that’s a real deal! How was I  to begin? What is it Proverbs sees in me? Why me of all women? After all the times I messed up and walked out on him?

I had all theses questions in my heart but no answers not even a give away from Proverbs. Proverbs took me to the part of the bible that says “I have created you for my glory”. I needed time to think about this “date”.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, love or some on/off relationship. I thought long and hard about what Proverbs said and my life at the time gave me enough opportunity to think about Proverbs’ proposal. I made a decision to accept the date and I knew this date was going to be short and most likely worth it, I’ll surely never be the same having him around me all the time.

Copyright:  / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: / 123RF Stock Photo

It sounded good but then he asked me to disconnect my social networks for a while if I truly wanted this date. I thought about it for so long, I couldn’t get myself to do it. I ignored Proverbs for a while but I was so miserable. Life was empty without Proverbs.

I dreamt about the good times we had together especially my “little girl” days. Proverbs taught me to write stories and poems at the age of eight. He helped build my writing career.

I remembered  a short while ago during my undergraduate studies, he taught me how to write stage plays and afterwards he led me through a creative writing course that helped me write my first screenplay.

Though I am from a computing background, Proverbs gave me so many other skills. There was never a boring moment with Proverbs because he was just God-sent. Whenever I got sad, Proverbs was always there to cheer me up and give me hope. His words and advice always worked.




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