My Date with Proverbs

My Date with Proverbs – The Genesis (1)

Along the streets of western Africa, I walked with proverbs, grew up with him and he was my closest friend. Proverbs was loved by my parents and he went with me to school.

I was one of those kids at school who talked less and didn’t get in trouble but at home, I was opposite. Proverbs knew me and saw that I would explode in behaviour as time went on. Like any good friend will do, Proverbs warned me and most importantly refreshed my memory with Mum and Dad’s words. Proverbs promised to be with me as long as I stuck with my vow to God.

I loved Proverbs because he made me get along with Mum and Dad pretty well. Proverbs was my best friend because he saved me from so much trouble and helped me a lot with school. Proverbs taught me so much including how to study to keep my grades up.

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Proverbs came with me to England and showed me around, he taught me what to do when one of my teachers gave me a tough time at College. Proverbs taught me to pray for those annoying friends and he taught me to get along with them. Proverbs taught me how to manage my financial resources, that way I could keep up with expensive London. At some point, I got bored of my friendship with proverbs. He was everywhere! I wanted to be free from his constant words. I wanted to do what every ‘normal’ person did.

I broke Proverbs’ heart as a result of wanting to be alone. I walked away from him and told him to leave me alone. However, he called one night and left me with so much words, one of them was “do not lean on your own understanding”. A year later I remembered his words. Though I had gone against what Proverbs said because I preferred my life with friends than life with God and I was doing things my own way. I missed proverbs so much.



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