How it all started

My story is a love tale of a little girl and a Father, however not in that sense. He came to me as a friend. I didn’t think I needed that extra hand and my life as an innocent little girl was splendid so long as Mum or Dad was there. I loved to study and enjoyed going to school to its fullest till my second year in primary school I had a teacher who picked on me, I got in trouble for every little act and that made me hate Maths because she was my Maths teacher.

Little did I know that there was this person quietly watching my every move. He followed me everywhere, was with me in class, at home, with friends but I did not notice him though I’d heard his name.

Finally, one day came and he revealed himself. I needed help so badly to get through school with my hatred from Maths. And on one occasion  thought “this is it! I’m so screwed“. I looked at the question paper and chewed on my pen so hard, I turned the paper on the wrong side and hoped some answer will pop up somewhere. I gave in, and bowed in prayer. That term saw me with 1 mark less than the total score.

That was the day my life changed!


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