Lessons from this week

I’ve come to realise that in the work environment, not everyone that smiles with you will be kind to you when faced with an issue


Does it matter? (Church matters)

I have a question for you all. Does it matter how you feel when you attend a church? Let’s take an example, you attend a church where you don’t feel connected with the Holy Spirit or very few times you do but you are emotionally connected with the people. It’s an environment you are so used to you can’t see yourself anywhere else, what do you do?

1. Do you try to be part of the solution to the problem?
2. Do you walk away regardless of your connection with the people and find somewhere you feel more connected?
3. How selfish are you with your soul? Does it really matter?

I’d like to know what you think dear reader. I have people who could really use your help on my blog. Thank you! Biblical references will be helpful too.